23 Hilariously Awesome Pranks

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If you know someone that needs pranking, or you just want to prank a stranger for laughs these 23 pranks are a brilliant way to do just that. Most are simple enough that anyone can do them, Happy Pranking! 🙂

1. Post It Prank

2. Confetti Prank

3. Glitter Prank

4. Cheesy Pits Prank

5. Want Some Gum?

6. Which Candy Is It?

7. Water In A Cup Prank

8. Salt And Pepper Prank

9. Where Is The Pig Prank

10. Cake Pops Anyone?

11. Fake Human Prank

12. Glue Prank

13. Boys Restroom Prank

14. Time To Wake Up!

15. A Way To Confuse Anyone

16. Balloon Fake Out

17. Shower Prank

18. A Prank To Play On Your Kids

19. Bad Cut Prank

20. Teacher Prank

21. Hello, Can You Hear Me?

22. Filled Donuts Anyone?

23. Mentos Prank

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