The 25 Worst Gingerbread House Fails

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Building gingerbread houses are a staple in many family holiday traditions around the world, but not everyone can master the craft of making them. Before building your gingerbread house take a look at these 25 worst gingerbread house fails to see what NOT to do when crafting your mini house.

Admit Defeat

The Roof Is On FIRE!

Epic Fail

A Blizzard Of Mess

The Gingerbread Men Seem Happy

Gingerbread Mess


Well, You Tried

At Least It Is Standing

Close Enough

Epic Hack

Ham Catastrophe

Sliding Roof

The Detailing Deserves Some Credit

SpongBob Would Be Disappointed

Someone Save Santa!

Nailed It

Nice Roof

Candy Wrapper Siding

Lego Men Trying To Keep It Together

Who Wants Dessert?

Too Much Candy May Be The Cause To This Collapse

Drunken House

The Struggle Is Real

Keeping It Together With Marshmallows

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