40 Of The Best Supermarket FAILS

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Get your laugh on to 25 of the best supermarket fails!

Wieners For Kids!

Happy Mothers Day Mom.

Tangerines for sale

Pop-Tards are my favorite!

Buy Beans Get Free Gas

When you just can’t seem to find the word you’re looking for

Bad placement

No one will ever notice


Yumbo Jams 3/$1

Come get you some Cearl

Butt Wipes on aisle 10

Wow look a those savings!

Out of Pretzels, besides these ones that we refuse to sale.

Expired food is never a good idea

Buy 3 Get 0 FREE

Buy one get one FERE

Ass pudding for $10.00

Save energy with this peanut butter

Surprise her with knives

When you’re trying to beat out your competitors

I want a free 12 pack of baby Raccoons

What else could you possibly need for a picnic

Wal-Mart always bringing us low prices

Toilet paper samples

How many customers running into the door did it take before making a sign?

I hate when my Bananas have bones

When you refuse to read the directions because “you got this”

Limp biscuit

They do sound the same

Funny Dos Equis

Juicy Bacon? Oh, I thought it said Juice

Lettus for .88 each

Fifty Shades of Grey recommended for Ages 7-9

Nothing tastes as great as grapeless grapes

The card to NEVER buy someone who has lost a loved one

Close enough

Sometimes clearance means higher than the original price

Breaking all the rules

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