8 Ways To Make Your Coffee Taste Better

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Coffee hacks to make your coffee taste even more delicious 🙂


Add cinnamon to your coffee for a yummy flavor. A great lower calorie replacement to sugar, cream and milk. Cinnamon also provides immune boosting benefits.If you don’t want to add cinnamon directly to your coffee try brewing it into your coffee — just sprinkle a teaspoon into your coffee grounds for a delicious flavor.


 If you like your coffee sweet,but want to drop the sugar — try using vanilla or almond extract to make your cup of joe sweet. Mix extract into your milk of choice for a tasty homemade creamer.


Use organic butter as a replacement to milk and cream for the same taste with a more health benefiting addition. Adding a pad of butter to your coffee is said to help you loose weight and boost your energy levels. Try the non dairy butters if you have lactose intolerance.

Coconut & Almond Milk: 

Wanting a milky latte drink without the dairy? Add in coconut or almond milk  for a delicious coffee without the dairy.

Freeze Old Coffee:

Instead of throwing your old coffee out — pour the coffee into ice trays and freeze them. Next time you go to make an ice coffee use the frozen coffee cubes so when the ice melts its just coffee instead of water.


Adding salt to your coffee grounds before brewing will take away the bitterness and help to maximize the flavor.

Clean your Coffee Maker:

Old coffee and sitting water can make your coffee taste sour and very unpleasant. Regular cleanings will get rid of any old coffee grounds making your coffee taste more great.

Filtered Water:

Tap water is filled with all kinds of chemicals. Try using filtered water — this will seriously enhance the taste of your coffee.

Helpful Tips:

Not feeling that coffee buzz like you use to? Eat some grapefruit! The healthy fat in the fruit will help slow the absorption process of the caffeine in your body.

Smaller frequent doses of caffeine are much more effective than one large dose. Whenever you’re feeling tired, drink a small cup of coffee.

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