Brandi Glanville Convinced Omarosa Slept With Donald Trump

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Brandi Glanville asked Omarosa if she had ever slept with Donald Trump on ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ and although Omarosa denied ever sleeping with the President Glanville doesn’t believe she is telling the truth.

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star asked Omarosa if she’d ever slept with Trump, and Omarosa was in complete shock by the question then responded with “Hell no! Oh my God! Brandi, that’s horrible!.”

However, Brandi is not convinced by Omarosa’s answer. Brandi said on ‘E!’s Daily Pop’ that she does not believe Omarosa told the truth. “Like how would they have that relationship for so long? And he just keeps bringing her back. I don’t know. I’ve heard a lot of rumors, but listen, you never know what’s true. But I needed to know.”

Brandi also pointed out the pause that Omarosa took before answering the question.

“She had a moment, she had a moment. She was not ready for that. In that house, she thought she was the queen bee, and no one was gonna come for her, I’m like…” Brandi said.