Cool & Silly Food Art Photos

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Enjoy these food art photos & try to mimic one or them all šŸ™‚

Make a cupcake out of fruit like this adorable masterpiece

Cucumber Caterpillar

Cool pineapple butterfly toppers

How cool & easy are these apples sliced turtles!

Boiled egg turned mice for a cute kid lunch

Rocket lunch!Ā AĀ cut bagel or toast with cream cheese makes for a fun treat

Serve up a snake for lunch

Lady Bug from Babybel

Carrot filled cheese teddy bear snack

What an awesome artistic watermelonā€¦ Can you mimic it?

For those Dino lovers in your life, heck im making it for myself!

Make your food smile back at you

Easy ways to add hearts to any plate

Turkey breakfast pancakes

Fun sandwiches

Perfect for summer

Great idea for lunch or breakfast

Snowman marshmallow chilling in your hot drink

This art will make anyone want to eat their veggies

Simple & detailedĀ reindeer

Cut up fruit & googly eyes makes for a great clown

Try this basic & fun dish for your next breakfast

Strawberry breathing dragon

Count your sheep while you eat

Minion surprise dish

Easy doggie treat to eat

Sausage in a blanket turned into a pig

Create this for your littleĀ ballerina

ā€˜Coupleā€™ of eggs & toast