The 10 Best Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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Make this years Easter egg hunt a great one with these 10 awesome ideas. From a Bunny Trail Hunt to Easter Egg Coupons and April fools Super Glued Easter Eggs these egg hunt’s are a perfect way to make your egg hunt more fun than ever — Happy Egg Hunting!

Balloon Easter Egg Hunt

This is a great idea for little ones that have a hard time finding eggs during egg hunts. Tie helium filled balloons to eggs so toddlers can find them easily and for each egg found they get a balloon too!

Easter Bunny Trail

How adorable is this Easter Bunny trail? With scissors, Aluminum baking pan and flour or baby powder you can create a hunting experience that your kids will love {how to}

Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

All the work that goes into setting up the Easter egg hunt only for it to be over in two minutes. With this Easter egg hunt checklist it takes the experience up a notch by making it more interactive for the kids. {free printable}

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Everything is more fun in the dark, right? Watch your kids eyes light up with joy as they see glowing eggs on their Easter egg hunt. This is so easy and only requires eggs and small glow sticks to accomplish.

Balloon Egg Treat

These eggs made from using balloons, craft glue and yarn are a perfect egg alternative. You can also use these as “prize eggs” place something special inside and whoever finds the special egg gets the special treat you placed inside.

Color Coordinated Easter Eggs

Color coordinating the Easter eggs is a great way for each kid to get the same amount of eggs.

Lego Easter Egg Hunt

If you have a Lego loving munchkin than this is a perfect candy free option. Your little one will have so much fun hunting for their new Legos and even more fun after putting them together.

Easter Egg Shape Hunt

Toddlers will have so much fun finding fun shapes inside their eggs. You can fill all their eggs with shapes or just some. Have them run to you telling you the name of the shape and the color for a fun learning experience. Check out the fun game you can play with them using the shapes they find {here}

Easter Egg Coupons

What kid wouldn’t love to get these coupons inside of their eggs!? Skipping a chore, date night with mommy or daddy and staying up pass their bedtime are great alternatives to give in place of candy. Write them on paper or use these {free printable’s}

Super Glued Easter Eggs

Since Easter fall on April fools day this year why not give some giggles by super gluing a few eggs shut as a joke. If you’re looking for some other jokes to use during your egg hunt go {here}

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