How To Throw The Perfect Birthday Party On A Budget

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Birthday’s for kid’s don’t have to break the bank, reality is kid’s don’t need a five tier cake and donkey rides at their 1st birthday albeit if that’s in your budget go for it! These ideas and tips are ones that will not break your bank while also giving your kids a perfect party they will love 🙂


Let’s talk location, if you have a rather larger home go with that option or if you prefer not to have 10-20 kids destroying your house choose to have it at a park where there is tons of space and most have playgrounds to play on.

Time Of The Party:

Obviously having to feed 50 guests will break into your party savings. By scheduling your little ones party at 2:00-5:00 which is after lunch and before dinner, guests wont expect to be fed a full meal. Have light snacks such as fruit and veggies making this a money saver!

Start Shopping Early:

How To Throw The Perfect Birthday Party On A Budget

This tip is one of the most important parts to saving on your party. If you go to the clearance section in any store they most likely will have party supplies marked down to almost nothing! Keep a lookout always for napkins,plates,table clothes,goodies exc and store them away for your next upcoming party.

Shop Online:

While not always the best option for pricing, sometimes looking online can save you bundles. Try sites like   or  to scout out some great potential deals.

Free Games:

Instead of buying a pinata or games in a bag just go for the classics like Freeze Dance, Keep-Up-the-Balloon, Musical Chairs, Hot Potato, and  Charades. Fun and FREE!

The Cake:

Making your child’s birthday cake can be rewarding for both you and the child and way more cost effective than getting one made. Try this DIY CAKE recipe. If baking is not your thing or you simply don’t have the time, go to your local Kroger grab a pre-made cake and they will write something on it for you for a FREE.

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