10 Foods To Eat For Breakfast That Can Help Boost Productivity

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I get it, cereal and sweet bars are quick and easy for those busy mornings — but you will be much better off not eating at all rather then choosing sugary breakfast options. Choosing more healthier options can help add energy to your body and set you up for a more positive and productive day. So, what are some good breakfast options? We have listed The Best Foods To Eat For Breakfast below so you can start your mornings off right.


Eggs have 155 calories of food energy and 12.6 g of protein in a 100 gram serving. No matter how you make them eggs are a great breakfast choice.


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Oats contain beta-glucan. Helps lower cholesterol when eaten regularly.  Oats are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folate, & potassium making this a great go to breakfast.

Cottage Cheese

1 cup of cottage cheese provides an incredible 25 grams of protein. Add berries & chia seeds, or chopped nuts to make it even more nutritious.

Greek yogurt

Yogurt is loaded with calcium and boasts plenty of protein , almost twice as much as regular yogurt. Add some oats & fruit on top to make this a tasty morning go to.

Wheat germ

Sprinkle wheat germ over your yogurt,cereal or in your oatmeal.Wheat germ offers a fulls day worth of Vitamin E, as well as offeres 10% of your daily folate.


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Blueberries are a great antioxidant known to have the highest antioxidant capacity of ALL commonly consumed fruits and vegetables. Blueberrries are low in calories, but high in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K. Add them to your oatmeal or eat them alone. Freeze them & they taste like candy!


Coffee is a great go to breakfast drink it not only gives you a boost of energy it also improves alertness. Caffeine has also been shown to increase metabolic rate and fat burning. Another really great drink option to get your day going is green tea.


Bananas are a great way to add potassium, they have an electrolyte that helps lower blood pressure naturally. Bananas have been known to give off energy as well. Add cut up bananas to your cereal or oatmeal for a yummy breakfast.

Almond butter

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Spread this delicious creamy treat on whole wheat toast or an English muffin. Add diced bananas for added sweetness. You can also use almond butter as a dip for apple slices. Nutritionally, almond butter is comparable to peanut butter. So, going with peanut butter is a good choice too.


Just two tablespoons of flaxseed contains more than 100% of your recommended daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed is rich in fiber and lignan, an antioxidant that’s been shown to protect against breast cancer. Sprinkle a tablespoon in your oatmeal, blend it in to your smoothie or sprinkle over your yogurt.

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