10 Of The Best Ways To Lose Weight

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Getting rid of extra weight can be frustrating and with an abundance of information of how to lose weight it can get confusing. It is recommended that losing weight should be naturally to stay safe and get real results. Here are 10 of the best ways to lose weight.

Get rid of junk food

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Proccessed foods can build up extra weight on your belly. Proccessed foods take a much longer time to burn than real foods.

Reduce the amount of starches and sugar

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One 12 ounce can of soda can have up 50+ grams of sugar. This is considered more than a days worth of sugar by most health experts. Eating too much sugar can cause your body to store it as extra fat.

Drink coffee before working out

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Coffee is known to give you extra energy and can make you more productive at work. Coffee can also help you burn more calories and can help you push yourself further than you normely would.

Drink more water

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Drinking more water can cause your body to feel more full, water can speed up your metabolism which helps lose weight.

Workout Daily

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Daily workouts can help reduce weight fast. Comitting yourself to at least a few minutes a day of exercise can be a long term solution for keeping weight gain off. Laughtard offers a wide variety of workouts you can do daily.

Eat your food slower

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Eating your food slowly can help reduce the amount you eat. People who eat fast are likely to gain more weight over time.

Get more sleep

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A bad sleeping shedule can be a big reason for weight gain. Lack of sleep is a leading contributor to obesity.

Eat more nuts

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Nuts pack a ton of protein and are one of the best ways to take away hunger. It’s a great idea to mix it in with your lunch to help get a healthy fat into your body.

Take advantage of plant based proteins

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It’s a popular idea to only get your protein from meat. Lentils are a great source of plant based protein 1 cup of cooked lentils have 18 grams of protein. Hemp seeds, Chia Seeds and Quinoa are also very good plant based proteins.

Use Probiotics

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Probiotics are live bacteria that’s really good for your health. Probiotics are a good bacteria that helps get rid of the bad bacteria in your stomach and gut.

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