10 Reasons Why Exercise And Happiness Go Hand In Hand

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If you’ve noticed that exercise makes you feel better, you may have just scratched the surface of the whole relation between exercising and health. Exercising does make you feel happier and it improves the quality of your life on several levels.

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There is a lot of proof that this is true and your subjective feel is just another one of them. The reasons why exercising is so beneficial for you are numerous and to find them all out, keep reading!

Better mood

One of the first and the most obvious effects of exercising has is the better mood. Not much after you’ve finished exercising, you’ll notice how happier you feel. The workout session doesn’t even have to be too long. Instead, even a 5-minute long exercise can lift your spirits significantly. If the exercise is cardiovascular, the effects will be even better.

What this kind of exercise does is release your “happiness hormones”. These hormones are serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, among others. They are released as soon as you start moving and all of them have a positive impact on your mood. If you don’t feel like running, you can always just go for a walk. Even this simple activity will release these hormones and make you feel much better.

Decreased stress

Your daily life may be full of all sorts of different tasks. Whether it comes to your family or your job, you probably have run around for the whole day and finish different chores. If your life is filled with pressure and deadlines, you may have experienced a lot of stress. Dealing with stress is never easy and it can damage your health in many ways. On the bright side, exercising can significantly decrease levels of stress.

When it comes to the type of exercise-related to stress, the low- to moderate-intensity exercise proves to be the best for stress reduction. Because of that, you may consider walking or yoga if you’re planning to work out for these purposes. What comes across as surprising is that exercising is actually beneficial for dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder. The “happiness hormones”, once released, can lead to several positive effects.

Mental resilience

Like the low-intensity exercises, the high-intensity ones also have significant benefits for you and your well-being. For instance, one such benefit is that it leads to more mental resilience. The same way an exercise pushes you physically, it also pushes you mentally. The more obstacles you’re overcoming, the more powerful you’ll feel. The more mentally tough you are, the easier it is for you to handle stress and come with it.

It shouldn’t surprise you if you get hooked on the feeling of mental resilience. It’s an overwhelming feeling that will make you feel like you could do anything in the world. It is rather helpful in everyday life and it can lead you a number of new victories. As soon as you start training more and more, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities. Sports like running, cycling, and martial arts are just some of the spots that will do a lot for you when it comes to mental resilience. After you take on some of these sports, you’ll be more ready for life and handling anything that comes your way.

Life gets easier

Everyday life always requires a little bit of physical activity. For some people, it requires more, for others less. The physical activity could be shopping for groceries, running to get in time for a meeting or moving items around the house. Even though these things don’t require much energy, if you’re not used to exercising, they can be a bit demanding.

If you want to be fit and ready for all sorts of similar situations, exercising is the type of activity you need. If you lack strength or energy, taking up a sport as a hobby can help you improve both these things. Your cardiovascular fitness will be immensely improved if you just start running regularly. With all of these changes, life will just keep getting easier and easier and you’ll feel better and better.

Improved immune system

Speaking of a better quality of life, exercising can improve it even more since it can improve your immune system. The immune system is your number one defense against a number of viruses and diseases. Since it plays such an important role in your life, you should do your best to improve it. Luckily, it can be significantly improved with the simple help of exercising. With a lot of exercise, comes a lot of immune system improvement. With a lot of immune system improvement, comes better help. Finally, with better health, comes a happier life.

The first instance of exercising improving the immune system is the fact that it flushes out bacteria from the lungs. When it does this, it also flushes out carcinogens which means that it drains the waste from your body. Once you get your blood pumping, antibodies and white blood cells start running through the blood at a higher rate. These are the most important for your health since they detect and attack the illness. You should be careful though with the type of exercise you choose to do. Intense exercise can sometimes negatively affect your immune system and you should avoid that happening.

Participation in life

Happiness comes from all sorts of places. The sources of happiness are really numerous and various. The great thing when it comes to exercising is that it combines a lot of these different sources. Since exercising improves your health, your mood, it decreases stress, and it makes you feel like you could do anything, it’s not such a surprise why it is so advisable. Due to all of these previous reasons, your participation in life gets larger and you are able to enjoy life even more.

It’s really amazing how a simple activity such as cycling can do so much and change your life in so many different ways. Cycling, in particular, is so great because it is one of the most interesting activities out there with so many positive effects. For instance, with just a new bike from Bikes Online you can improve your life and become happier overnight. You can get a chance to see new landscapes, go cycling with friends, and, finally, feel happier due to all of these factors.

Healthier aging

If you don’t exercise, you won’t be able to be in control of your weight as much. Once you start seriously aging, you’ll just keep losing control more and more. Even though it seems rather easy to keep the ideal weight, in 10 years’ time, this won’t be the case. Not only your weight, your spinal mobility may seem great today, but it’s bound to worsen over the years. These are the things that make aging so problematic and if you find a way to solve them, you’ll be able to age much healthier.

Luckily for everyone, you don’t have to look for the solution for too long. Instead, you can just get to working out as soon as possible, since that is the solution to this potential problem. Since keeping the ideal weight gets harder, you can do the most to make it easier. The simplest way to do so and yet with the most efficient results is exercising. Working out regularly also helps you maintain mobility in your spine and it allows you to age more healthily and happily.

Better sleep

Sleep is one of the things that influence the quality of your life the most. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can’t possibly expect to have a really good day. Whether you have spent the night binge-watching a series, going outside, or you had insomnia, the chances are that you’ll spend the entire following day yawning or having headaches and being unable to concentrate.

The thing that improves the quality of your sleep the most is, of course, exercising. When you exercise regularly, your sleep pattern improves as well as the quality of the sleep. Your sleep will be better due to the body temperature. Namely, when you sleep the body temperature drops. However, if you exercise five hours before sleep, the temperature will lower much less than usual.

Increased energy

Exercise may be most famous for its impact on people’s energy. The amount of energy provided by exercising is incomparable with any other activity. This unique boost of energy is bound to make you feel better and happier. You’ll experience a flow of creativity and productivity as soon as you’re done exercising.

You’ll get the most work done after a quality exercise and what’s most important – you’ll feel great while doing it. With such high levels of energy, you’ll be able to do anything and it’s up to you to direct that energy to something useful and productive. Whatever you choose to do, the result will be noticeable and you’ll feel better than ever.

Reduced Depression and Anxiety

Finally, the most important reason why exercising is so great is the fact that it decreases depression and anxiety. These are the conditions that result in you feeling bad and what’s great about exercise is that it can improve the situation significantly. Everyone who has suffered from these conditions knows how serious they are. Because of that seriousness, it’s important to do everything you can not to get there.

Since exercise releases endorphins, your well-being is immediately improved. It also distracts you, it takes your mind off worries and allows you to relax more. It helps you gain confidence and cope with your problems in a much healthier way. Since it has so many benefits, all you should do now is get to work out. If you don’t have the equipment you need, don’t despair. Instead, you can run up and down the stairs for cardio or lift some weights. Activities such as these are great for fighting depression and reducing its negative effects.


Exercising is good for you. There is no denying this. What you maybe didn’t know are how it can improve your life. Now, when you know how exercise can make you happier, you can get to exercising experiencing all of its benefits and leading a happier life.

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