10 Signs You’re Dealing With Hormone Imbalance

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Many serious health issues including stroke, hepatitis, and cancer may not have any manifestations during the first stages. They can destroy all body systems and organs for a long time, which might lead to dangerous consequences and even death.

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Hormonal imbalances are serious as well and can affect everything in your body starting from your physical and mental health and even appearance. Fortunately, hormone imbalances are accompanied by many obvious signs that can help your doctor identify the problem in time.

Hormone imbalances are very common among women but experts note that very few women know how to spot the signs of hormonal imbalance. 

Women are often taught that pain and suffering are just a normal part of the female experience. Many of them think that severe cramps or massive mood swings occur in all women but they are actually not normal aspects of womanhood. They’re just clear signs of a hormone imbalance.

However, women can cope with many hormonal problems just by eating a proper diet and living a healthy lifestyle. Let’s take a  look at 10 things that can indicate a hormone imbalance.

1. You’re always fatigued

Chronic fatigue can be a sign of high cortisol levels. They are produced by adrenal glands that are located above the kidneys and release the stress hormone called cortisol. If your diet and lifestyle affect your cortisol levels, you might start experiencing sleepiness and constant fatigue, and instead of feeling relaxed, you’ll feel nervous.

Try: Adjusting your diet and cutting caffeine, which exacerbates symptoms and perpetuates the tired/wired cycle. If you can’t cut it completely, at least reduce it to one cup or less per day. Start the day with a healthy, protein-packed breakfast to balance your blood sugar and improve your odds of staying satiated and energized.

2. You have too low libido

Of course, there are a lot of reasons why you have low libido but stress is one of the main factors that negatively affects your hormones and thus lowers your libido. In order to cope with this issue, try spicy foods. According to several studies, spicy food is linked to higher testosterone levels. Testosterone is essential for a woman’s sex.

See the honest review on Centrapeak a male vitality supplement that will boost testosterone levels.

3. You can’t control your weight

If you’re following a strict diet and spending hours at the gym but you cannot lose weight, you are probably dealing with hormonal imbalance. The inability to lose weight related to hormones often occurs due to liver dysfunction caused by a hormonal problem, which makes it unable to work efficiently at removing toxins. Therefore, your body accumulates fat-soluble toxins. Add lemons and oranges to your water. Citrus fruits can help your liver as they contain a compound called D-limonene, which is essential for liver health.

4. Your menstrual blood is brown

If you’re seeing strange brown blood at the start of your menstruation, it’s actually oxidized blood that didn’t quite make it out of your uterus during your last cycle. This is caused by low progesterone. Low progesterone levels can lead to high estrogen levels and other issues like uterine fibroids and PCOS.

A chasteberry supplement can help your body regulate progesterone and estrogen levels. However, if your period is not normal, it’s crucial to find out the root cause of the problem. Knowing the cause will help you get proper treatment and prevent many health issues.

5. You always experience severe PMS symptoms

Severe PMS symptoms are actually common and occur between ovulation and menstruation, during the second part of your monthly cycle. PMS symptoms can vary and different women can experience different things. Those unpleasant symptoms are usually caused by high estrogen levels, low progesterone levels, and essential micronutrient deficiencies. Leafy greens contain indole-3 carbinol. This is a powerful hormone that can balance estrogen and progesterone levels.

6. You have clots and heavy bleeding during menstruation

If you’re experiencing heavy bleeding or seeing dark brown clots during your menstruation, it can indicate some hormone problems. These symptoms can be caused by high estrogen and it could also be a sign of health problems like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and fibroids, especially if your periods are painful. Milk thistle can help detoxify the liver and remove excess estrogen.

7. You need to take the pill to have a normal period

Birth control pills don’t fix your abnormal period. Birth control provides your body with a little bit of estrogen and progesterone, making your brain think it’s ovulating and therefore preventing conception. Although, taking these meds actually blocks your body’s natural rhythms and masks your natural hormonal imbalance.

It’s better to stop taking birth control pills. Yes, it may not be easy, but it’s important. Only a healthy diet, active lifestyle, and a natural alternative birth control method for contraception can help your body function properly.

8. You’re suffering from acne breakouts just like in teens

Acne breakouts can be due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Keep in mind that the only way to fight severe acne is to balance your hormones and treat PCOS that is actually the result of hormonal issues. Magnesium can help. Calcium-magnesium supplements can help lower the amount of C-reactive proteins that your body produces during hormonal imbalance.

9. You have uncontrolled food cravings

Everyone has certain foods they crave, however, if your cravings are not normal and you can’t control them, your hormones are likely to blame. Also, a diet high in sugar levels is another root cause. If you eat too many sugary foods, whether it’s in the form of pastry, pasta, candy, bagels, or cola, your body has to produce too much insulin to break glucose down. Blood sugar and insulin spikes can negatively affect ovulation, decreasing your production of progesterone, and increasing your estrogen levels.

Limiting your sugar consumption and consuming lots of foods high in fiber can help your liver improve detoxification and produce more of a specific hormone called FGF21 that has been shown to prevent sugar cravings.

10. Your periods are too short or totally missing in action

Too light bleeding or no bleeding at all isn’t normal. A short period (a period that lasts less than three days) and too light bleeding can be a sign of low estrogen levels. If you’re following a strict diet or not eating fatty foods for a long time, you may have depleted your body of essential micronutrients that are required for estrogen production. Try to add more protein to your diet. Hormones are made from amino acids, and you can’t up your estrogen levels if you can’t make enough of it from your food.

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