101 Bucket List Ideas

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101 Bucket List Ideas

101 Bucket List Ideas 


Learn to play an instrument

Scuba Dive

Go on a cruise

Learn to cook

Take up a new hobbie

Quit smoking

Exercise more

East more healthy

Get on a plane for the first time

Helicopter ride

Open a business

Meet a celebrity

Go to Disney World

Go bungee jump

Go to Disney Land

Get a new hairstyle

Go on a blind date

Buy an expensive item

Read more

Ride a horse

Go on a gondola ride

Visit Rome

Take swimming lessons

Get a promotion

Quit my job

Get closer to God

Got to the playoffs

Go on a road trip

Swim with dolphins

Get a massage

Ride a motorcycle


Get new furniture

Have more sex

Go to a beach

Make new friends

Ride a trolley

Try a new cuisine

Throw a party

Do the splits

Hang glide

Learn how to skateboard

Chase a tornado

Love more

Take an art class

Visit Mt Rushmore

Go to the Grand Canyon

Get a tattoo

Visit another country

Take dance classes

Learn another language

Go to back to school

Go camping

Buy a house

Attend the Olympics


Raise a kid

Drink more water

Pray more

Have more date nights

Get waxed

Ride a submarine

Visit a private island

Move someplace different

Take tennis lessons

Go to a concert

Go to a historical monument

Go to the Statue of Liberty

Stop drinking

Sleep more

Worry less

join a book club

Go to the super bowl

Have a baby

Find love

Go to Vegas

Read the Bible

Lose weight

Save more

Give more


Buy a car

Take a vacation

Work less

Go to Niagara Falls

Wine tasting

Sled down volcano

Go sledding

Jumping out of a plane

Ride in a Hot air balloon

Spend more time with family

Ride on a boat

Go on a Safari

See the northern lights

Visit all 7 Continents

Ride an Elephant

Go white water rafting

New Years at times square

Donate blood

Visit Mona Lisa

Ride a Camel

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