2 Walmart Employees Dead After Co-Worker Shoots Them

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2 employees for Walmart were shot to death the retail giant reports.

The suspect who’s name is Martez Abram, was shot by an officer and hospitalized.

The Desoto County District John Champion told reporters Abram has been charged with two counts of murder.

The victims were “senselessly murdered” at the store in Southaven, which is about 13 miles from Memphis, at 6:30 a.m. central, Southaven police chief Macon Moore said. A fire was also reported at the store, said Champion.

Mayor Darren Musselwhite of Southaven called the person an “disgruntled” employee. He set off all the chaos at the store and lit a fire inside taking aim at a supervisor.

The reported gunman went out a side door chasing the store manager.

Walmart spoke about Abram, he was an existing Walmart employee who’d been temporarily suspended.

Abram who is 39 had no criminal history prior to the incident.

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