3 Things That Every Student Craves In A PDF Editor

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There are a lot of reasons for students to use PDF format instead of MS Office like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Working with Portable Document Formats let students to view, read, edit, create, share, secure, collaborate, and ensure the content within the electronic files or digital documents. PDFS are universal, easy to create, decrease the file size, interact multiple documents, completely searchable, and password protected. However, there are a few basic things that every user craves in a PDF software. Read on the article and learn:

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Software Tool Must Be Compatible With Multiple Formats

In order to be a completely useful tool, a PDF editor must be in a position to convert from and to other formats. They can be a wide range of other file formats. For instance, it should be in a position to covert MS Office file into PDF, or covert any PDF file into any of the MS Office file. To put in a more simple way, a PDF software must be able to convert a Word document into PDF file as quickly as possible when needed. And effortlessly converts a scanned PDF file into any editable or searchable document format. Not only this, your PDF editor should also be in a positive to offer you the exact output in several key formats such as HTML, Rich Text, HWP, Word, Excel, etc. You must ensure that your PDF editor is able to serve all of your needs. And, it’s in a great position to handle all of these tasks really well by offering amazing PDF element, which is available in both the Standard and Pro versions. Also, the software must be affordable to use all of the exciting PDF features. To get the best PDF experience, you must try on sodapdf. Now the students with low-budget do not have to worry with PDF formatting. This software is free of charges and students can easily it online. All you need an internet connection, a web browser, and an operating device.

It Must Have the Great Speed or Agility

In contemporary working environment, everything needs to be done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Whether it’s a company strategy to launch a product before its market competitors to gain an edge over them or a student’s desire to submit the assignment on time with proper/fixed formatting to gain an edge over other students in class and maintain the good academic performance. To deal with PDF needs, most of the users from different industries like university, hospital, organization, government agencies, etc. wish for a reliable or intuitive PDF software. Students look for performance efficiency when choosing a PDF editor and considering other PDF-related elements. As a student, you don’t tend to have an expensive laptop or PC with great speed or high-end specs to serve your basic PDF needs. It means the utility must be light on resource usage while still providing superior functionality. Thus, students aim to find out a PDF element that can be installed faster, launched quicker, used less memory, and cam processed the resources, even when it is compared against software products that were on high-end side and a bit more expensive. For instance, even if you have got a 4GB RAM on your PC or laptop, the software must be able to work the way it should.

It Must Be Able To Deliver the Robust Functionality

The students do not only aim for the simple single-featured PDF editor. They desire that the software tool is able to serve multiple document purposes. For instance, they not only wish that their PDF tool can work with several file formats, instead it should be able to view a file, read a document, create remarkable PDF documents from scratch, perfectly edit a PDF file without disturbing the original content or layout, extract data from different forms, create editable forms from scratch, apply password for greater protection and restrictions, do extensive annotations, and the list goes on. Unless or until, the PDF is not in a position to serve all the things mentioned earlier, it will not be acceptable or considered an essential PDF tool for the high-school students or university grads. In today’s academic environment, the education focuses more on electronic documentation rather than being dependent on traditional means which are less efficient, less effective, and more time consuming. These conventional tools were used paper methods, which means students need to have the right tools for the job. A reliable PDF software tool always offer a host of editing, conversion, form and protection features that makes it a must-have for any serious student. Not only these, some of the best PDF software like Soda PDF happens to provide E-Sign feature to help sign the PDF files through by using the electronic and digital means.

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