5 Facts About Coronavirus You Didn’t Know

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Majority of people do not know you can feel ill from the virus immediately.

The risks most people take to avoid getting the virus cause them to feel fear and anxiety.


Once you’ve been cured of the virus you do not pose a threat to other people to potentially infect them.


If you have the virus you will have a fever. The confirmed facts of a person with COVID-19 are fever, coughing, shortness of breathe and pressure in the chest area.


You can help keep the virus away by staying at home if you’re feeling sick. Avoid public places, ride sharing and only visit the medical center if you’ve called ahead of time.


There are currently no confirmed cures for the virus.

Anything that claims it will protect you from COVID-19 is not able to promise this. You can safely stay away from the virus by staying home and constantly washing your hands. Should you decide to go outside bring wipes and hand sanitizer.

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