5 Spooktacular Ways To Make Your House Look Haunted

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Spooking out your home is a fantastic way to really get into the Halloween spirit — and trick-or-treaters love it too! Creating the perfect haunted house setting doesn’t take much really. All you need is a few items and a little do it yourself action to turn your house into a frighteningly spook spot in not time at all.

The Lighting

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Lightening is everything when it comes to a successful haunted look. Bright lights are an obvious no, no when attempting to add a spook factor. Dark settings with dim lights are always the best way to go. To light up a room use candles, replace light bulbs in your lamps with black, or purple light bulbs to really set the Halloween scene.

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An easy and super inexpensive way to bring on the creepy vibes to your home is by grabbing a few bags of store bought spider webs from a party supply store to add all over your home. Use them inside or outside and add some fake spiders to them for an even more chilling effect. These fake webs are cheap, easy to use and one bag really goes a long way.


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Every haunted house I’ve ever been to was truly scary because of the background music. No really, you can take the most perfect, chill setting, then add some spooky music, and BOOM, instant creep mode. So, now you can see why the music is really important when creating an uncomfortable setting for guests. Play spooky sound effects or a soundtrack from your favorite scary movie — the more creepier the better.

Glow In The Dark

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Glow in the dark decorations are always a good idea when thinking hauntingly creepy. Glow in the dark skeletons spiders, and webs coming from ceilings, and in corners will give guests the goosebumps. To make your glow in the dark decorations really stand out, be sure to add Fluorescent black light’s because a dark room alone just wont do it (all glow in the dark stuff must have the black light under them to glow). A really cool Halloween hack is to use liquid laundry detergent to write creepy messages on doors in the home. The words will glow in the dark black lighted room and wash right off when finished.


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Is there an actual person out there who likes clowns? I sure don’t, they creep me out, especially the creepy smiling ones with the high pitched laughs — nightmares! Add some clowns around your house, or dress up as one to pop up in dark corners, and give guests a serious freight that will haunt them in their dreams. {insert evil laugh}

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