6 Tips On How To Write An Essay On Sociology Topics

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What plan should you adhere to when writing an essay on sociology? How to build the correct structure? These useful tips and more are waiting for you in this article. Let’s find out how to write a sociology essay in the best possible way!

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1. Stick to the outline

While writing, you need to stick to the standard sociology essay format: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. We have presented this standard in a more detailed way:

If there is a certain prompt, then turn to it immediately. Sometimes, however, there may be an extremely narrow or bad quote associated with the topic, so you need to look for a quote from another sociology topic.
Choose a quote.
Correlate the quote and the knowledge from the sociology course. Immediately begin to think in terms of this discipline.
Make a list of terms on the draft that need to be reflected in the essay. But include only those that match the subject of the essay!
If you cannot make a list of terms (at least 3 terms), then choose another quote that you can reveal.
Write out the quotation on the draft and underline the key words, and then build the key ideas touched upon by the author.
Keep in mind that the first paragraph is one of the most important sections. Derive theoretical judgments from the key ideas, accompanying them with terms from the list.
Include theoretical argumentation to write a good second paragraph. Here, you may include the following constructions: “It’s needed to clarify …” “Researchers understand …” “The following types are distinguished …” “The classification is based on …”
Select an illustrative example for each theoretical proposition in your paper. Use different sources: history, literature, social experience, books, and films. Examples should not be of the same type and abstract. They must clearly reflect theoretical judgment. You must show why you are using this very fact as an illustrative argument!
Include practical argumentation in the third paragraph. Include the following constructions: “As an example …” “Firstly …” “Experience … illustrates …”
In the conclusion, it is necessary to show why the ideas raised by the author in the quote are important (go from bottom to top in the essay). Use the following constructions: “The importance of development …” “In this way, …” “Consequently …”
Include a slogan as a logical conclusion of creative thought. Use the following constructions: “I hope …” “I think it’s important …” “I consider it necessary …” “This will improve …” “It creates prerequisites for improvement …”

Choose the right statement

When choosing statements for an essay, you must be sure that you understand the common concepts of sociology.
Clearly understand the meaning of the statement.
You can express your own opinion (fully or partially agree with the statement or refute it).
Know the sociology terms necessary for a competent substantiation of a personal position at a theoretical level (while the terms and concepts used should clearly correspond to the topic of the essay and not go beyond it).
Be able to give examples from social practice, history, literature, as well as personal life experience to confirm your own opinion.

Define the problem of the statement

For a clearer formulation of the problem, we offer a list of possible constructions that are most common. After formulating the problem, it is necessary to indicate the relevance of the problem in modern conditions. To do this, you can use these template phrases:

“This problem is relevant in the conditions …”
“… the globalization of public relations”
“… formation of a single information, educational, economic space”
“… exacerbation of global problems of our time”
“… special controversial nature of scientific discoveries and inventions”
“… promoting international integration”
“… of modern sociology”
“… developing and overcoming the global social problems”
“… tough differentiation of society”
“… the open social structure of modern society”
“… the formation of sociology”
“… overcoming a spiritual, moral crisis”
“… dialogue of cultures”
“… the need to preserve their own identity and traditional spiritual values”

The problem should be emphasized periodically throughout the entire essay writing process.
This is necessary in order to reveal the content, as well as avoid going beyond the scope of the problem. Reasoning that does not relate to the statement is one of the most common mistakes.

4. Formulate the main idea of the statement correctly

Next, you need to reveal the meaning of the statement, but you should not repeat the statement word for word. In this case, the following phrases can be used:

“The meaning of this statement is that …”
“The author draws our attention to the fact that …”
“The author is convinced that …”

Determine your position to the statement

You can agree with the author completely, partially, refuting only a certain part of the statement, or argue with the author, expressing the opposite opinion. In this case, you can use these phrases:

“I agree with the author that …”
“One cannot but agree with the author of this statement about …”
“The author was right in claiming that …”
“In my opinion, the author quite clearly reflected in his/her statement the picture of the modern USA (modern society … the situation in society … one of the problems of our time)”
“I disagree with the author’s opinion that …”
“In part, I adhere to the author’s point of view about … but I cannot agree with …”
“Have you ever thought about the fact that …?”

Present argumentation of your own opinion

Next, you should justify your own opinion on this issue. To do this, it is necessary to select the arguments (evidence), remembering the basic terms and theoretical provisions. For proper argumentation, you need to conduct thorough research. Make an analysis of all sources that you have found in order to come up with right argumentation.

In writing a quality sociology essay, much depends on finding the right guidelines and tips. With these tips, you can be more confident that your writing won’t go astray. Use them to succeed in creating your sociology essay. Good luck!

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