7 Common Car Breakdowns That Annoy Every Driver

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Even the calmest driver can be easily upset by a sudden car breakdown. It doesn’t start in the cold morning, the dashboard is shining like a Christmas tree, the air conditioner doesn’t cool and doesn’t heat, the box switches poorly, etc. The list of scary things that can make you feel angry is really endless. In this article, we gathered seven common car breakdowns that annoy every driver.

7 Common Car Breakdowns That Annoy Every Driver 922608593

1. Worn tires

When the tread depth significantly decreases, the wheels can lose the ability to “keep the road.” Such a car becomes quite dangerous on the wet road because the braking distance becomes much longer. Riding even dry asphalt is difficult for the car with worn tires because it is easy to tear it. A wheel on a thin tire can simply burst and it is better if this happens at low speed. That’s why you should monitor special rubber grooves in the tread. If wear has reached them, it’s high time to change the tires.

2. Brakes malfunctions

You can recognize the wear of the brake disc yourself. If a side above one millimeter appeared on it due to working out, then soon you will have to buy new brakes. One millimeter is felt by touch and can be picked up with a fingernail. If the car rides with a creak aside, the hydraulic cylinders in the brake system should also be checked. Brake fluid must also be changed.

3. Fuel leak

Even a slight leak in the fuel system can have lethal consequences for the driver and passengers of the car. Gasoline leaking from fuel lines can cause a fire. If you notice suspicious spots under the car or see drops of a combustible mixture, visit the car maintenance as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be able only to sell your junk car for cash. People who have automatic transmission vehicles should also be aware of the danger of ignition of the fluid that cools the gearbox.

4. Fluctuation in fluid levels

The oil in the engine and gearbox, antifreeze, and brake fluid should be checked regularly. Old engines that use too much oil, usually need more frequent replenishment. If the level of the antifreeze is not high enough, a dangerous overheating of the engine is possible. This may lead to deformation and fusion of the engine elements. Brake fluid must be changed regularly because it loses its properties within a few years. Changing the working fluid in the gearbox is rare, but it is necessary. 

5. Steering defects

The loss of sensitivity of the car to steering turns indicates a malfunction in the important steering system. Problems can arise as a result of wear of the tie rod end, steering shaft bearing, or during prolonged use of the vehicle in off-road conditions. Even small deviations from the norm in combination with vibration during speeding indicate a malfunction of the steering elements. A thorough check of the condition of the system, as well as testing a hydraulic or electric amplifier, is possible only in professional service centers using special equipment.

6. Broken lighting

Cars with broken lighting are quite common on the road. Many drivers consider this breakdown insignificant and continue to drive a car with one working headlight. It may be quite hard for other drivers and pedestrians to notice the car with lightning malfunctions. The same applies to cars with improperly adjusted or old headlights. That’s why it is important to carefully check the condition of the lighting before traveling, especially in bad weather or at night.

7. Glowing icons on the dashboard

Maintenance of a modern car is greatly simplified by special warning lights informing the owner about problems in the car. Be sure to study the meaning of each icon in order to be aware of the malfunction in time. When starting the ignition system, all the indicator lamps light up at the same time. Make sure they are all active. Otherwise, it is better to contact the service center.

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