7 Effective Tips To Help You Survive At Home In Hot Weather

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It may be quite difficult to cool the room in hot weather, because the temperature rises not only due to direct sunlight, but also because the walls of the house warm up outside. This is especially true of one-room apartments, whose windows are exposed to the sunny side. In this case, even the slightest draft is excluded in the room. However, not everyone can install air conditioning in the apartment. That’s why we gathered these seven effective tips to help you survive at home in hot weather.

7 Effective Tips To Help You Survive At Home In Hot Weather 136102662

1. Blackout curtains

In summer, the thick curtains on the windows will help not only to keep the room darker but will also prevent the penetration of sunlight into the room for some time. It would be better to close the windows from the evening in order to prolong the effect. However, the minus of this method is that the fabric heats up in several hours and begins to give off heat. That’s why it is better to choose while or light-shade curtains.

2. Reflective film

Today, you can buy a mirror film that sticks to the windows from the inside and reflects light. The window will turn out slightly darkened. If you can’t find such a reflective firm, you can also use ordinary food foil. Moisten the window with a damp cloth and glue the foil with the reflecting side out. You will immediately notice that the room doesn’t heat up anymore.

However, this method is not for everyone because it interferers with natural light in the apartment. In this case, you can look for the special metalized pad on the suction cups in the car shop. It is easy to remove them from the windows when necessary.

3. Humidification

Another proven way to reduce heat in the room without air conditioning is to humidify the air. For example, you can use a spray bottle. To achieve a pleasant freshness, it is enough to spray water every hour. You can humidify not only the air but also the floor. Wipe it regularly with cool water. You can also remove the carpets to provide a more wet surface. However, try to not overdo it with moisture, otherwise, you will turn your apartment into a “steam room”.

4. Disable devices

Any electrical appliance generates heat during operation and warms the air. It would be beneficial to minimize the use of devices at least for the hottest time. Moreover, a working oven and fire on the stove can significantly increase the temperature in the kitchen. In this case, you can use a microwave or snack on hydrating foods to satisfy your hunger and keep cool. 

5. Heated towel rail insulation

The heated towel rail usually continues to work even after the heating is turned off in the houses. However, you should understand that it not only dries things but also heats the bathroom. You can disable the heated towel rail by turning both valves. If you can’s disable it, you can wrap a heated towel rail with food foil. All heat will remain inside and will not spread throughout the bathroom. If the heated towel rail is electric, just unplug it from the outlet.

6. Cold bedding

Fold your bedding and place it in the freezer. Before going to bed, spread your cold bedding back. Despite the fact that it will become warm during the night, it will be much easier and more pleasant to fall asleep. It would be better to choose pillows and blankets from light materials in hot weather. For example, cotton absorbs sweat and refreshes the skin.

7. Use fan

If it is not possible to install air conditioning in your apartment or house, you can buy a fan. It is a quite cheap tool that will help you feel better. The device will not cool the air, but a light breeze will still help you survive the hot days more easily. The fan can be installed not only on the floor but also on the ceiling. Such a device is inexpensive and cools the room well. It is important during installation to put it on summer mode. In this case, the hot air will go up, leaving the room cool.

You can also make a so-called air conditioning with the help of a fan and ice. Pour some cold water into the bowl and place ice into it. Then put it in front of the fan. Cold fumes will spread throughout the room due to the airflow, that will help moisturize and cool the space. Refill the bowl every 2-3 hours.

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