7 Habits To Cultivate Strong Self-Discipline In Your Life

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Strong self-discipline is the result of hard work and commitment. We often think that people who are successful and accomplished were just born under a lucky star. The truth is, these people just learned how to improve their will-power and improve those habits which ensure strong self-discipline needed to achieve greater things in life.

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Create a plan and act on it

The only way to know how to stick to your ultimate goals and nurture the habits needed to accomplish them is to create a plan. Think of an action plan and the goals you wish to achieve in one, five or ten years. Then, write down a list of small, but achievable goals. Work on these every day and stay committed to your goals.

A concise plan is like an instruction manual that guides you in the right direction. Track your progress every day and analyze your actions. Limit those that don’t serve you and work on those that give results. You will limit the chance to swerve off track and fail. This means that you know what it takes to stay committed and how to persevere.

Learn how to deal with distractions

The only way to stick to your schedule and a game plan is to create a perfect work environment. However, that is kind of impossible if you work in an office surrounded by people. Instead, create a distraction-free environment even with people around you.

Structure your every day according to your daily goals. During these blocks of time, aim to focus on the task and nothing else. Anything else that might hinder your effectiveness and productivity is a distraction. Silence your phone and put the screen on the table. This way you won’t see any blinking notification. Check your phone only during breaks. Check work emails two to three times a day. Limit the tabs in your browser to those you need to do your work. If the office is too lively, use headphones. This way you’ll get more done and stay committed to your goals.

Celebrate your successes and reward your effort

Self-discipline is not only work and no play. It is just the opposite because we need to know when to take breaks. Knowing when work stops and life happens is another trait of people with strong self-discipline in life. Once something goes according to your plan and you achieve a set goal, reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be a tangible gift, go for something intangible. 

For example, once you finish a project you’ve been working on the entire week, take a break and visit the office break room. You can also take a short walk around the building and breathe in some fresh air. The point here is to celebrate even the smallest goals by doing something besides work. 

If you’ve achieved one of your bigger goals in life, celebrate in a more meaningful way. For example, take a break in the form of a short vacation. This will give you a chance to relax, reflect and truly celebrate your success. Reward the progress you made so you can be more productive later.

Learn from failure means forgiveness

When something doesn’t go according to plan or you fail at something, forgive yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself because mistakes actually teach you something. It doesn’t mean giving up. Just retrace your steps, analyze each one to see which one led to the wrong step. Observe, analyze and learn. Most importantly, move on stronger, motivated and forgive yourself. 

Eat right

In other words, fuel your body for success. How we eat speaks lots about our self-discipline. Picking a diet that aligns with our goals and sticking to daily it is a true test of self-discipline. Also, the right diet stops us from being hangry. Hunger leads to low blood sugar. We become agitated, lose focus and succumb to distractions and temptation. You might even make a wrong decision due to poor judgment.

Staying true to your diet is the best test of your commitment, perseverance and the best habit to cultivate self-discipline. Regular and healthy meals will give you energy and keep you focused. You can even create a support system and invite your partner to join you on your healthy eating plan. To avoid temptation, pick healthy couples meal delivery by My Muscle Chef and fuel your day right.

Eliminate temptations

It is easier to stay disciplined if you eliminate those things like unhealthy snacks or overly chatty people from your surroundings. If your colleague talks too much and you can’t get anything done, use headphones. Also, if you can’t say no to a chocolate bar, don’t have one in your desk drawer. The only way to stay true to your goals is to truly reduce the number of things that put your determination to a test.

Things that are just too tempting to say no to, should not be there to tempt you. But, bear in mind that it is okay to give in to temptations sometimes because we’re not robots. However, in order to keep your focus on your goals, eliminate those things that work as distractions.

Build your self-discipline daily

When we want to achieve a certain goal, we need to switch the wishful thinking into taking action. These actions should be a regular part of our daily routine. Everyday practice and repetitive behavior will turn these into real habits. Habits, both positive and negative, determine our lifestyle. 

It is up to us to determine those habits that weigh us down and replace them with better habits. These tips will end up being just words on the screen if you don’t practice them every day. The right self-discipline is helpful when you need to test your self-control. But, when you have strong self-discipline, you won’t be tempted as much to stray off your path.

We can’t rely on motivation to be the only thing that dictates our professional and personal successes. Self-discipline and habits that make it even stronger will ease up the decision-making process and keep you focused on the things that are important.

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