7 Modern Luxury Kitchen Decoration Trends 2020

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It’s not just a new year that’s upon us but the turn of a new decade. You might be looking to update your entire home’s interiors but if you want to start at the very heart of your home, your kitchen, then you’re in the perfect spot. Make your kitchen the icon of opulence with the kitchen decor tips that we’re going to share with you below and take your culinary haven to 2020.

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1) The Return of Marble

Marble has taken a back seat these past few years, but it is going to make a huge revival this year. In fact, the more veins the better. We’re not even talking about the counters, islands, and other kitchen surfaces alone. Display the pinnacle of luxury by using a solid slab of marble as a backdrop.

2) Wood and Stone

Speaking of revivals, wood is making a huge comeback too. But using just any type of wood is not enough. Subtly-grained ash or finer-grained walnut will lend that cozy feel that you should aim for. Take the cue from nature and balance that warmth with the coolness of the manmade stone.

3) Carpets and Rugs

Hardwood flooring and stone will look perfectly in sync with your marble surfaces and backsplashes, but don’t you think that they can be too cold for a space that’s supposed to be the homiest part your interiors? Tone down these unforgiving floors with the warm textures of different carpets and rugs. Choose one in the same color scheme as your chosen palette.

4) Pop of Color

Marble and other natural textures may look sleek and stylish, but those are wishing to have a more vibrant kitchen that reflects your fun personality, then you can opt for unexpected pops of color. You can do so for:

Kitchen Appliances

There are fridges and stoves that sport the fifties vibe available in unique color options.


We must admit, colored appliances usually come in designs that might not match the aesthetic that you’re looking for. If so, you can inject that much-needed pop of color in your cabinetry instead.

Wall Art

Finally, you don’t have to go bold with too much color. Just selecting accent pieces through wall art is enough.

5) Updated Islands

If you’re looking into making a complete kitchen remodel then don’t leave out your islands.

Double Islands

For luxury homes that are blessed with enough space, then don’t just settle on a single island. Expand the functionality of your kitchen (with more than enough surface to display your tabletop appliances and home accessories) with double islands. You’re going to see more of them this year.

Gravity-Defying Islands

To further push the limits of luxury and style, opt for gravity-defying island designs that will make your islands seem as if they’re floating mid-air. This will result to an airy, sleek, and modern effect. They will also serve as an extension of your home’s modern architecture indoors.

6) Sleek Kitchen Storage

The problem with gravity-defying islands, though, is that they might sacrifice storage space for aesthetics. Hence, here are other ideas for more storage options:

  • Handleless Cabinetry. Make your kitchen cabinets blend in with your walls by removing their handles and giving them the same texture as your kitchen wall’s interiors.
  • Hidden Pantries. There’s no room for clutter in a modern kitchen so trade your open shelving with hidden pantries.
  • Mirror and Metallic Cabinets. Lastly, create an illusion of space by using reflective surfaces for your cabinetry. Don’t overdo it, by using these surfaces on just a level of your kitchen.

7) Custom Steel Hoods

Finally, here’s a big design trend this year. Expect to see them more in celebrity homes and the kitchen of five-star chefs. Who wants a boring stock stainless steel or wooden hood, after all? In fact, while you’re at it, display excellent craftsmanship in your kitchen by having other custom pieces made.

To Sum Up

Don’t allow your kitchen to be trapped in the previous decade. There are three elements that are going to dominate 2020: marble, wood, and stone. We are also going to see a lot of custom-made pieces such as double, floating islands, handleless cabinetry, and custom steel hoods. Finally, top the natural monochrome of your kitchen with pops of color using vibrantly-colored appliances and wall accents.

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