8 Useful Birthday Presents For Every Student

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The birthday of your fellow student is closer. As always, the problem arises – what to present? It’s worth mentioning right away that since Birthday is a special day, you shouldn’t give a student something to study.

It is necessary to proceed from the fact that the birthday person is, first of all, a teen. When choosing gifts, you always need to consider the age, hobbies, and, of course, the possibilities of your wallet. So, what are the best presents for every student?

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1. A gift that help you with your education. A good present is a professional voice recorder for recording lectures and a solid-state removable hard drive. Classmates can give such useful and inexpensive gifts for the birthday as a computer mouse with a rug, speakers, a flexible keyboard, an unusual flash drive, or a wristwatch.
Students often do not have time to study after such cool giftsbecause your friend starts testing all presents. Therefore, think ahead and give a gift in the form of a certificate for educational assistance and be sure that Writix helps with hnd assignments at any time you need. It’s actually another good birthday gift: let your friend relax while this reliable site is providing him\her a writing help with hnd. Let your fellow student relax from writing a paper or any other assignment.

2. Always useful: a printer, headphones, a calculator, a mug heated from a computer’s USB port, or a headset for Skype.

3. The following presents can be recommended to those students who have their own cars, though they all differ in cost:

– Parents and classmates who collect money together for the present can purchase more expensive gifts. For example, a navigator that will become a great helper in a large and not well-known city.

– The DVR is also considered as an excellent device. If the navigator is on any smartphone or tablet, then the DVR is an indispensable thing.

– In order to keep the interior clean, you can give a car vacuum cleaner.

– Any motorist cannot do without a pump; it would be preferable to use a compressor powered by a cigarette lighter.

– The student can be presented with car mats, keyrings with a car brand logo, holders for mobile phones.

4. Even parents can’t always please with clothes presented for the birthday, so it’s best to present a gift certificate (or a gift card) to a fashionable store of or sportswear, a perfume boutique, etc. You will definitely like such a gift because a birthday student can choose clothes and accessories to her\his taste. Also, certificates to beauty centers can be great for female students.

5. If the student is an athlete, it will be appropriate to make a birthday present, taking into account his sporting passions. For example, you will always need a roomy sports bag, no matter what kind of sport you’re involved in.

6. Tickets for a concert of a favorite band or artist will be a great gift. A great present for your birthday party. Firstly, because the student simply may not have enough money to buy it on their own. And secondly, such an event can be remembered for a lifetime, especially if the group is world-famous and does not often tour in your country. There are sites selling tickets to various events, it is convenient to look at them to know when and where this or that artist will perform.

7. A nice gift from friends can be a photo calendar with photographs of a birthday student and his friends. He will look at it for a whole year. You can make such a souvenir yourself in Photoshop, and then print it on a color printer. Or order in a company specializing in the manufacture of printed products.

8. Do not forget about gifts-impressions. The birthday person will probably be happy to receive a certificate for a game of paintball, race on off-road vehicles or horses, archery and crossbow, flying in a wind tunnel, etc.


The most important thing for the student (in addition to your attention) will be that this day will be remembered as the brightest, most festive and enjoyable. So be sure to make your friend feel special and forget about higher education and diploma at least for today.

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