Amazing Facts About Albacore

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Albacore is a type of fish known to be used mostly for tuna. 300+ million pounds of canned tuna is imported into the United States.


You can easily identify this popular albacore tuna, they have smooth skin and streamlined fins.

Their bodies are metallic, silver to white type of color.

They move around from ocean to ocean

The albacore is found in the South Pacific Ocean. The younger ones move southward away from the tropics and once they mature they’ll return to tropical waters.

Life Span

Albacore are found in the Atlantic, they can live up to 13 years and can reproduce at 5 years old.

Albacore eats other fishes

Albacore tuna will eat at the food chain, they prey upon other fishes such as squid and crustaceans.

Low Oxygen Levels

These fish aren’t deep into the sea, albacore has low oxygen levels that restrict from going too low down into the water.

The bigger albacore fish can be found down deep around 600 metres undersea.

The depth is very limited due to their low oxygen levels.

Product A Lot Of Eggs

The female albacore will lag her eggs near to the surface of where they are fertilized.

This female fish will push out 800,000 to 2.6 million eggs each time she spawns.

Fishes that eat a lot

Albacore is considered a carnivore, it will look for anchovy and squid to eat. They will eat big amounts of food due to their high metabolism.

This fish will eat up to 25% of their own weight each day.

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