Amazing Facts About Barracuda

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Sharp Teeth

Barracudas have really sharp teeth this helps them keep a prey from slipping once they’ve seized it.

Barracudas don’t use smell to hunt

These sea animals are able to hunt but only using their sight rather than their ability to smell. This leads them to go after bright colored fish.

Two rows of teeth

The Barracuda has two rows of teeth. The outer row teeth are small and sharp, this to tear flesh as they attempt to eat. The inner row is long and more like a dagger to grasp it’s object of attack.

Barracuda like shiny objects

These fish are attracted with bright & shiny objects. They often time time will only focus on objects with golden or silver colors.

Fast Swimmers

Barracuda are fast swimmers moving up to 25 miles per hour and is great at eluding an attacker.

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