Amazing Facts About Elephant Seal

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Can be found in America

You can find the northern elephant seals in popular US locations such as California and Baja California.

The Elephant Seal Trunk

The elephant seals begin to develop their trunks around the time they reach sexual maturity. Particularly the males will have enlarged noses this will fully develop in seven to 9 years.

Antarctic Friendly Seals

The southern elephant seals can be found in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic area.

Southern elephant seals will spend a lot of their time in these freezing waters searching for food such as squid, fish & marine foods.


The adult male elephant seals will grow about 13ft in length and can weigh up to 4,500 pounds.

The female elephant seal is slightly different being smaller they can grow up to 10ft and weight up to 1,500 pounds.

Southern elephant seals

These type of seals are among the largest of the seals. The male southern elephant seal can get up to 20 ft long and weight up to 8,800 pounds.

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