Amazing Facts About Giant Squid

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Female is bigger than the male

The males only grow half the size of an female Giant Squid.

These animals are also known to have long tentacles.

Can grow really big

A giant squid can actually grow nearly as big as a school bus.

Hard to spot

The giant squid hadn’t actually been seen until the year 2005, until then it was considered a mythical animal or spotted dead.

Has a limit on it’s size

Sizes of giant squid does vary the giant squid has a maximum length of 43 ft.

The giant squid body

The giant squid has one large head, eight arms and two tentacles that they use to attack.

Strong Beaks

The giant squid has a strong jaw and it is similar to the parrot beak.


This animal doesn’t have a ton of well known enemies . They however do have predators and that is the sperm whales.

Short life span after birth

The female giant squids will spawn and die immediately after they’ve done this.

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