Austin Rivers Goes All Out To Get His Dad Ejected From Game

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Austin Rivers Goes All Out To Get His Dad Ejected From Game

Houston Rockets faced off against the Clippers last night & many people were considered to be “rubbed the wrong way”. It began with the Clippers fighting for a win but after a short amount of time things took a turn for the worse on Doc Rivers.

Rivers explained to reporters he felt it was wrong his player Jamychal Green drove to the bucket and lost the ball. James Harden poked the ball from his hands afterwards Green had a collision with the Rockets center.

Green is more known for his playing time with the Memphis Grizzles, though has been a member of the Clipper since the 2018-19 season.

It’s said that Rivers was informed he had more than two timeouts but was failed to be informed that wasn’t true.

Shortly after that Austin began to throw up the technical signal to the refs hoping that his dad would get another technical foul, Austin suddenly was granted his call and it lead his dad to the locker room. Rivers appears to be laughing at the situation hoping that his son made a good decision getting him tossed from the game.

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