Awesome Facts About Cleaner Wrasse

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Likes inhabits of coral reefs

The cleaner wrasse loves it in coral reefs, lagoons and other places they can seek refuge from predators.

Slow eaters

The cleaner wrasse doesn’t have the ability to eat a ton but does love to eat fresh meaty foods. They can’t eat all of it at once so it’s great to feed them shrimp, frozen brine shrimp and other smaller meaty foods.

Colors differ

The colors for the wrasses isn’t always the same, they’re also known to change colors based on their moods.

Not picky sleepers

Cleaner wrasses don’t have trouble resting they’ll sleep in small holes, the rock or reef. They also always need clean water.

Not easy to know their sex

To determine the sex of these fish is very difficult using their bodies.

Males will defend

The male wrasse will defend his territories and attract a numerous amount of females. They’ll do a beautiful mating dance and then live close to the female to spawn with them.

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