Awesome Facts About Cuttlefish

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Over 120 species

The cuttlefish has over 120 species. These fish could be bright colored and

3 Hearts

Cuttlefish has more than 1 heart, the Cuttlefish has a big amount of hearts 3.

Two of the cuttlefish hearts are used to help them pump blood into the large gills.

The third heart is used to help circulated oxygenated blood to their entire body.

Cuttlefish has an ability to mimic shapes

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The cuttlefish can morph into different shapes, textures and objects.

This fish does this to help them hide from predators.

The closest fish that is the most similar is actually related, the octopus.

Healthy for birds

The cuttlefish are pet bird favorite, it can help them increase their calcium intake.

Not found in America

Cuttlefish are all around the world, except for in America.

America isn’t considered ideal for the cuttlefish, America has too many cold oceans and much too deep.

You’ll find this fish in the tropical areas of the world.

Males sometimes pretend to be female

This is considered a method to mate with the female. Males will sometimes trick other competing males.

This method is used camouflaging their bodies and create more position in his body to look like a female that is carrying an egg.

The male cuttlefish will then go by the other males are they attract the female.

Cuttlefish are colorblind

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Despite this fact the cuttlefish have abilities to change their bodies color as they’re a chameleon.

This ability allows them to manipulate their color using different cells in their body that have similar colors and patterns.

They can see behind them

The cuttlefish has an “W” shaped pupil, this shape allows them to have an advantage while camouflaging.

Sepia Dye

The color sepia can be taken from the cuttlefish similar to that of a octopus, they have ink sacs in their bodies that can be used if they feel they’re in danger.

Female cuttefish store multiple males eggs

The female cuttlefish will intentionally store multiple eggs during the mating season. She will cary multiple packets and store them using her mouth.

This happens before the female lays the eggs.

The male cuttefish can detect and have developed a method that will remove older eggs and replace them with their owns.

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