Awesome Facts About Tortoise

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The tortoise has been around for a while

The popular tortoise has been around for nearly 200+ million years. This is considered longer than birds, snakes & crocodiles.

Tortoise & turtle aren’t exactly the same

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The word “tortoise” is used when you’re referring to terrestrial turtles. Tortoises aren’t actually good swimmers and do not have webbed feet.

Turtles have flipped otherwise known as webbed feet, long claws and shells that are flat. The tortoise is stubby and has heavy feet, a round shaped shell.

Find out the tortoise age

Look at the rings around a tortoise scutes to help tell the age of the tortoise.

No Teeth

The tortoise has no teeth, they have to eat their food using ridges of their mouths.

Shell is stuck to their backs

It’s popular to think that the tortoise can squeeze in and out of their shells. This isn’t true the shell is securely attached to the tortoise back.

The inside of the shells layer is actually connected to the tortoise skeleton.

The shell is a means to defend their selves should they get a predator to attack them.

Long life span

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Tortoise can actually live up to be over 100 years old. Some of the tortoise can go even longer

The scales are made of similar protein as in human

The shell of the tortoise has a name they are called “skutes”, this is the same material used to make finger nails in humans.

Tortoise has good ability to smell

The tortoise can smell just about anything regardless of it the scent is faint.

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