Best Backyard Design Ideas You May Have Missed

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For many homeowners, landscaping a backyard sounds like a complex project, such as building garden sheds. But the truth is, coming up with design options should not be overwhelming. So if you’re looking for ways of applying makeover in your backyard, whether backyard landscaping on a budget or a total overhaul of your design, see the following for design ideas that you may have missed.

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Some Landscaping Ideas for a Backyard

As your family is spending more time in the backyard during your free time or for a picnic or a BBQ weekend, you might want to make it more interesting, don’t you? Check out this list for some cool backyard landscaping ideas.

  • Vegetable garden: It will yield you a wide range of fresh harvests and crops, such as squash, tomatoes, and herb. Place it in a sunny and well-watered spot.
  • Tiers: They create a sense of excitement and peace and add interest in a city backyard.
  • Greenhouse: Start early flowers and vegetables in this spot. To increase airflow, you can leave the doors and windows open once the weather warms.
  • Playhouse: Create an easy canvas teepee playhouse that entertains kids all year round.
  • Family room: If you have the garden space to spare, you can build a private family room with furniture.
  • Water features: You can make use of a natural-looking waterfall or stream to add activity or movement as well as wilderness to your landscape. An idea, a problem drainage causing erosion and runoff can be turned into a water feature. Now, instead of worrying that your backyard is eroding, you can simply relax with the sound of running water.
  • Terracing: Use terraces with different textures to up the interest to and appeal of your backyard.
  • Shadow Canopy:  A simple combination of a good tarp and 4 pillars can help you to create a cozy shadow canopy, that both you and your family will definitely enjoy.
  • Personal space: You can create it with your lovely garden along with its other features if you have the space available.
  • Pavers: Add pavers for mini patios made by flagstone islands and separated by thick turf ribbons.

Garden Sheds

Serving as storage for garden maintenance tools and equipment or a place for carrying out hobbies or DIY projects, garden sheds are multipurpose additions for your backyard.
Base its size according to the space available and intended purpose. As a tip, choose a larger sized one if you have enough space or in doubt about the size that you need.


  1. The wooden shed offers traditional style, blending into the environment well.
  2. A metal shed is ideal for keeping up with the bad weather. In fact, it won’t warp or swell in the cold or warm weather. After it has been erected, it will need less maintenance, too.
  3. The plastic shed is easy to maintain and assemble, so it is chosen by many homeowners, but it is not as stylish as a wooden shed.


There are two popular shed styles. The apex roof style has sloping sides and a central ridge and offers a traditional style applicable in many gardens. The other popular style is the pent roof shed with one sloping roof to let rainwater run off it.

Pro Tips

Connect the shed to your garden visually by using matching colors and materials for it to blend with other garden features.
Use slides and ladders if converting a shed into a play area for children for them access their hangout space.
Make sure the garden shed would have more windows and openings for air to flow freely and the views to be seen.

Garden Maintenance Tips

Light requirement

For vegetables, make sure that they’re in a well-lit spot, ideally that where direct sunlight shines at least eight hours a day.

Weed control

The best approaches are hoeing and weeding. However, avoid cultivating to bring the weed seeds to the surface of the soil. You can prevent weeds from seeding by controlling weeds.

Cleaning up in the fall

You don’t need to clean up everything in the garden in the fall. Leave the seed heads for feeding the birds and the ornamental grasses for beauty.


Give the leaves enough time to dry up by watering the plants before dark. Or else, fungi may grow due to excessive moisture.

Pest control

Get rid of empty bottles and cans, pull out weeds, and clean your garden to prevent pest breeding by making a non-conducive place for them to grow.
Gardening tools maintenance
Do not forget to clean them after each use. Store your maintenance and planting tools in storage space, such as garden sheds.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners find backyards an opportunity to decorate because doing so can liven up one’s design and landscaping. It might be beneficial to increase a home’s resale value.

If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space, make use of the above ideas and tips on backyard landscaping design ideas, garden sheds tips, and garden maintenance basics.
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