Best Engagement Rings For Chubby Fingers

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Do you have that special someone in your life? Are you thinking of getting engaged? Are you in need of buying a ring for that special day? As you know, the size of the fingers matters when it comes to choosing rings. If your fingers are chubby there are things that you need to consider as you go out shopping. Some r​ings jewelry ​can make your fingers look visually long and slim. On the other hand, some will overwhelm your finger. Hence, you may begin to wonder which one to go for. Well, when in such a dilemma, worry not. This article will give you tips on what you need to consider as you go shopping for a ring that will crown your engagement.

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Large Focal Gem

This is not an excuse to show off to your friends or frenemies, but large gems work wonders with chubby fingers. A ring with a large focal gem looks at home on a chubby finger as it will visually make your finger look slim. The gem you get does not have to be a diamond because they are expensive. You can decide to buy a sapphire or any color gem. If you want to make the focal gem stand out and be the center of attraction, you can decide to surround it with smaller gems like diamonds.

Go for Thicker Band

If you want your ring to make your fingers look slimmer then you need to go for a thicker band. This is because a thin band will emphasize the width of your finger. There are many wideband designs that you can choose from and the following tips will help you achieve this:

● Go for a band that is more than 3 millimeters in width. This will ensure that you have that substantial wideband feel. You can even get bands that are five or more

millimeters wide and the beauty of it all is that they will feel right at home on
your finger.

● If you want to achieve a modern look with your ring, select a band that is almost
the same width as your focal gem. Doing this will make the whole ring have a
smooth and sleek look.

● For those who have a taste for accent and filigree gems, there are many options to
choose from. This is because there is a lot of space on a thicker band that is perfect for adding more decoration.

Choose a Wide Setting

Some people do not prefer a wide band that goes all around the finger. If you are one of them, you should not worry. You can decide to go for a wide setting and you will still achieve the same visual effect. This design will make your finger look slender because not much of your finger will be showing on either side of the focal gem. Some of the designs that work well with this setting are:

● Antique style ring
● Five stone design
● Three stone design

Choose a Statement Ring

People with chubby fingers can wear almost any statement ring and it will still look gorgeous. This is a luxury that people with thinner fingers cannot enjoy. You can buy a cluster ring with a

flower design or you can even choose an asymmetrical design. There are many options to choose from. Think of your hand as a canvas, and go crazy with ideas.

Think about Size

Most ring size go up to nine, this means that if you have thicker fingers you will need to find a size that fits you. Most jewelers will make rings of any size at a fee. Artists can also customize a ring for you and if you are in need of resizing, your local jeweler can do that for you. So it is important to find out if there is possibility of resizing a ring before you buy it.
There you have it, people with chubby finger have options that other people do not have. Take your time and try out different rings and see what you love best. If you shop well you will end up with a ring that you will be in love with for the rest of your life.

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