Best Fruits To Grow Inside Your House

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Who wouldn’t want to have fresh fruit at their fingertips each morning when they wake up without having to pay a fortune at the grocery store for it? It’s easier when you live in an area that experiences year-round humid weather that is perfect for growing fresh fruit at home but when you don’t live in a place like this, you have to get a little creative. That is why now you can purchase indoor grow kits that feature the lights, seedling trays and whatever else you may need to turn a seldom used room into your own greenhouse. There are strains of fruit trees and plants that will bear fruit year-round when grown properly. This means that whenever you have a craving for a fresh apple or orange, you simply walk into this room and pick them right from the tree.

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Want to know more about growing fruits inside the home and what the best fruits to grow are? Then you definitely don’t want to pass this article.

What You’ll Need

Before starting a large task such as growing your own fruits inside your home – you’ll need
some equipment that will make the task easier. Try to get the following or construct the
following where possible to save money. Some of the items on this list are voluntarily but you’ll
definitely want the majority for the best fruit production and quality!

● An area that is free from obstruction to allow the tree room to grow like in the kitchen or
a back porch.
● An area that gets natural sunlight during the day.
● Freshly tilled soil for optimal growing.
● A trowel for shifting the soil around to rejuvenate it.
● Fertilizer or compost (non-scented) to provide nutrients to the fruit trees.
● Grow lights for areas that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight. T5 grow lights are the best on
the market today.
● Large pots for planting to allow the root system the room it requires to grow to full size.
● Seedling trays to start your fruit trees from seed.

The Best Fruits for Indoor Growing

Now that you have your equipment gathered and you are ready to start growing your own fruit
from fruit trees inside your home – it is time to narrow down what trees will bear the most fruit
and in good quality and quantity. Remember to look for dwarf tree strains as these will not grow
to the height and width of their larger, outdoor counterparts.

● Lemon trees – these trees will grow in various climates, providing gardeners with fresh,
tart lemons. Once these trees reach maturation, they will provide both lemons and flowers
year-round. They can be used for cooking, salads, or homemade lemonade.
● Strawberry plants – these do not require large pots as they grow on vines instead of tree
limbs, but they are one of the easiest fruits to grow indoors. Strawberries can be used in
salads, desserts and drinks; making them one of the most versatile fruits you can have!
● Ground Cherries – cherries make a welcome addition to any dish, from fruit salads to
regular salads, drinks and more. With these dwarf trees, you will have fresh, slightly tart
cherries year-round. Depending on the size of the crop, you can even make homemade
cherry jam from your supply.
● Tomatoes – technically, tomatoes are a fruit and can be used in anything from summer
salads to pasta dishes to pizza to garnishment. One of the more versatile foods; these can
become very pricey throughout the year so a fresh supply constantly on hand is a definite
bonus. They also contain numerous antioxidants to provide major health benefits.
● Pineapples – while this fruit doesn’t technically grow on a tree, it's definitely a great
addition to the supper table. Use pineapples as garnishment in salads, drinks or as part of
a healthy balanced breakfast. Depending on where you fall in the great debate – you can
also use pineapple to spice up a Hawaiian pizza.
● Orange trees – who doesn’t love freshly squeezed orange juice? Or orange slices in your
fruit salad? With these trees, you can have fresh oranges year-round for numerous


Just because you are stuck in a cold winter season and the cost of fresh produce, especially fruits, have skyrocketed; that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite treat. It simply means that
you need to take matters into your own hands and start growing your own fruits inside your home. As explained, you’ll need the room and time to spend on this endeavor, but the end results
are totally worth it as you bite into a fresh and crisp fruit salad for breakfast or an after-dinner treat!

If you are unsure of your growing setup – reach out to the large community of seasoned gardeners in your area. They can guide you on what you might be doing wrong and let you know
what you are definitely doing right. They can also suggest better fruits to grow for your indoor area and even some fresh veggies and/or herbs if you are in the mood to branch out even more!

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