Best Ways To Make Cloth Fire-Resistant

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Fire-resistant clothing works as personal protective equipment (PPE), i.e. specially designed to save and protect your skin from hazardous situations, caused by flames. FR clothing reduces the risk of getting burned from flame related hazards.

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Though fire-resistant clothing is not entirely fire-proof, it self extinguishes itself immediately after it catches fire, while exposed to flame. Using these kinds of clothes are highly recommended if you work in the gas or oil industry or any places that are prone to fire hazards.

Methods to make clothes fire-resistant:

Fire-resistant clothes are less prone to catch fire when exposed to fire. To make a cloth fire-resistant, it has to go through a special kind of chemical treatment to achieve self-extinguishing quality.

The self-extinguishing quality makes the clothes capable of reducing the severity and likelihood of burning. You can either get your collection of FR clothing from, or you can make it on your own using some easily available ingredients following these methods:

Borax formula method:

There are three different ways of making clothes fire-resistant using borax along with boric acid and water in different amounts-

Method 1-

Take a large container and mix six parts/ lbs of borax and five parts/lbs boric acid, along with 100 parts /12 gallons of water. Then, dip your clothes in the solution and soak them completely for some time. Finally, allow your clothes to dry properly.

Method 2-

Take 7parts/lbs of borax, and three parts /3 lbs of boric acid, along with 100 parts /12 gallons of water, and mix them accordingly in a large container. Soak your fabrics completely into the mixture and allow it to dry properly.

Method 3-

Take 9 oz of borax powder, 4 oz of boric acid and mix them with 1-gallon water. Dip the fabrics and allow them to soak properly, or you can spray the mixture onto the fabrics. Thereafter, drip dry the fabrics.

You have to reapply these methods after wet washing your clothes once, as borax and boric acid comes out after washing.

Sodium silicate formula method:

This is another effective method to make your clothes fire-resistant.

Take 1 oz water glass (sodium silicate) and mix it with 9 oz of water. Make sure that you wash the fabric before dipping into the silicate mixture. Soak the fabric properly and allow it to dry completely. However, do not forget to wear gloves while using this method.

Alum formula method:

This method is easier than other methods.

First, mix 1 lb of alum along with 1 pint of hot water in a large pan. Dip the clothes into the mixture properly to treat it with the alum formula. Place the alum treated clothes in a non-stop plastic bucket and hang the clothes to allow it to dry properly in the sun.

Ammonium chloride and ammonium phosphate formula method:

Here, first mix 1 cup of ammonium chloride with 2 pints of water in a large pan. Add ½ cup of ammonium phosphate to the mixture and mix them finely. Dip your clothing into the pan and leave them for soaking properly to cover the clothes properly. Now, let the clothes dry in the sun.

Wrapping Up:

Using any of these above mentioned DIY formulations to make your clothes fire-resistant are easy to do at home and budget-friendly. But they are durable only until you wash them. Once the cloth gets washed, it needs to retreat again with fire-retardant formulations.

These DIY methods are good for low risk places. But if you work in a place where the fire is a hazard, then you should opt for professionally treated fire-retardant clothes for the best safety.

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