Blake Griffin At The Top Of Headlines For Trade Rumors

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Blake Griffin At The Top Of Headlines For Trade Rumors 683026296


He hasn’t been traded, but the Pistons are rumored to be looking for a package that will make them more competitive.

It’s primarily a bunch of trade scenarios for the star forward, The Pistons hoped to be competitive this season and that is most likely the primary reason they’reĀ  looking at the best options available to swap the forward with.

The Trial Blazers are among the group that is being rumored to be interested in the power forward, In this scenario they’d most likely use Whiteside as a trade chip.

This trade is great, although it doesn’t make sense for the Pistons with Andre Drummond at the top of the center list, They would be better off if they decided to keep Griffin.

Trades that make the most since is Griffin joining someone like the Rockets, they’re way too far over the cap so that’s not possible, Rockets would need to be looking to trade Westbrook if they were interested in adding 1 or more stars.

Blake Griffin appears to be content playing for the Pistons, these rumors are most likely a result of the trade start time that will begin on Dec.15.

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