Camila Cabello Gushes Over Shawn Mendes “He’s just a very pure person”

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Camila Cabello couldn’t stop gushing about Shawn Mendes in her recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1. The singer revealed some of her favorite qualities about Mendes . “I think that he has a very kind of pure, free energy,” she said. “I feel like he feels this need to kind of lift the weight of whatever is hurting him in order for him to be free. And I think that that’s really beautiful. That’s a trait that I’ve adopted is like whenever I feel like there’s a weird energy between me and somebody or if my heart is hurting for some reason.”

Camila Cabello Gushes Over Shawn Mendes #8220;He#8217;s just a very pure person#8221; 543853116

She said it makes him “the most transparent, honest person” she knows. “I think it’s because of this purity that he has that I don’t think that he can lie or fake because it hurts his heart,” Camila said. “He’s just a very pure person and I think he’s constantly kind of lifting those weights off of him because he can’t live like that and I love that about him.”

Camila and Shawn made their relationship official in July, after years of friendship. While on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this month, Camila confessed that it was hard going from friends to dating. “It took me like two months to be able to call him ‘baby,'” she said. “I’d just be like, ‘Hey . . . you, can you hand me that water over there?’ It’s weird, but it’s great.” It looks like the couple is well past any awkward moments now.

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