Camping 101: The Basic Rules

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Indeed, whenever we feel bored and like to get out of the problematic life, we run somewhere and gain some boost from nature. The camping tradition is aiming for that from the centuries. Camping represents any outdoor activity which involves having a temporary shelter in a tent or whatever you find, cook food from the zero and other activities that should have a touch of nature for one or more days.

Rules for camping: There a few rules that all campers should follow. An elder or leader of the camping family must explain these to the members. Let’s know about some of them-

Cleaning is a must: keep your camping site clean. The primary goal of camping s to learn things apart from home!

Low volume: If you use any music system, keep the volume low. It’s better to avoid any devices that create lots of noise.
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Low light: At the night time, try to use low light if you can.

Keep the fire close: If you try bush-fire or campfire, always remember the safety protocols.

Be safe: Always remember to stay safe, expect the unexpected.

Good Neighbor: Be a kind neighbor; always keep good relations with your fellow campers.

Care the Mother Nature: Remember to take care of Mother Nature, keep the earth safe.

Last words:
No matter if you are camping with your family or school, always follow the upper mention rules. There are more and more rules out there that you need to follow. Just follow them, and enjoy your time camping.

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