Can I Stop A Divorce From Happening?

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Most couples find themselves asking this question at some point in their marriage. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to make and keep a marriage successful, and it is perfectly normal for some doubt to creep in when faced with challenges. For 40 to 50% of married couples, the answer is no, and they get divorced. Infidelity by one party, financial problems, and lack of intimacy are some of the leading reasons for this, according to the latest research.

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On the other hand, their kids’ welfare and the high cost of divorce are the main driving force behind those who choose to work on their marriage. If you are at the point where you are weighing your options, there are many things to contemplate before making a decision.

Should I make it work?

Kids need stability in the family for them to grow up well, and this starts with their parents. If an unhappy couple can manage to be civil to one another and can shield their children from their animosity towards each other, then the marriage might be worth the effort of keeping.

Staying together for the kids at least indefinitely allows couples to try and work on their differences and time to heal old wounds by asking for forgiveness. However, staying with each other for the kids can be detrimental to the kids if the parents are unable to get along and create a hostile living environment as a result.

Unhappy couple, unhappy family

From the outside looking in, it may seem like a troubled marriage is just between a husband and a wife. But the kids are always affected and often in worse ways. And to make things worse, these situations are never black and white.

On the one hand, if a couple decides to stay together in a loveless marriage and fail to protect their kids from their conflicts, then it has negative effects. On the other hand, getting a divorce and having a broken home can also affect the kids negatively. Deciding which way to go is never easy and often feels like choosing the lesser evil.

Enough is enough

When a marriage is becoming abusive, either emotionally or physically, then it would be better to get a divorce. Children who witness one parent being abused by the other or experience it themselves are subjected to life-altering trauma, much worse than being a product of a broken home.

What to do next

Divorce can be a long, complicated, and expensive process. But if the alternative has become unacceptable, there are ways to make the unpleasant experience less so. Survive Divorce can help. They can be your one-stop solution for this situation. They have the answers to urgent questions most people going through divorce normally ask. Survive Divorce can walk you through the entire process wherever you may be with their state-specific guide. They can also help you understand the financial considerations before, during, and after a divorce and help you get prepared.

If getting divorced has become the only option and you do not know yet how to get started, go to, it is your first step towards surviving divorce and starting a new life.

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