Carmelo Anthony Ready To Help His New Team Portland Trail Blazers

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Carmelo Anthony Ready To Help His New Team Portland Trail Blazers

The Warriors were among the teams Melo was hoping would pick him given their recent string of injuries, yet the Portland Trail Blazers have stepped in and taken the all-star guard under their wing.

Damian Lillard has been having an insane season and continues to impress fans, Currently one of the most efficient players in the NBA right now.

Although he’s been putting up big numbers Lillard has been stuck with a losing team, he & Melo have one major thing in common. They’re both players that can put up big numbers but have been playing for losing teams for majority of their respective careers.

He’s put up over 25,551 over his career scoring isn’t considered a problem for him, fans and many people around the league are cheering him along to possibly win a championship this year.

Anthony is working hard to prove the people that hoped the end of his career was near, he doesn’t believe it.

He spent his last few seasons between Oklahoma City Thunder & Houston Rockets, Logging barely any minutes with those teams.

His best highlights for his career was with the Denver Nuggets, He lead a team of young players to the playoffs multiple times.

Known has one of the greatest offensive players in the league right now, He’s considered a weapon & new team mate CJ McCollum believes it.

Several news sites put the news out that he’s signing with the Blazers, It sent shock waves through the interest with fellow NBA players shouting him out and hoping he’ll put this Portland Trail Blazers team on the map.

Coaches love the isolation plays he puts up and his ability to get to the rim at will, he’s also known as one of the strongest NBA players in the league he’s respected among his peer in LeBron James & James Harden.

With all that said he won’t actually be seeing the court immediately, his most likely time table to hit the court will be on Tuesday.

Carmelo can play defensive pretty well, his physical frame is his real advantage the ability to guard small power forward and small forwards in general gives him a leg up, His rebounding is also is great for his height.

Regardless of his character concerns, he’s a good fit for this team and could seriously push them over the hump in championship contention.

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