CBD Dog Treats Safety Tips

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Providing canines with CBD has the potential to benefit the animal with overall health and wellness, possibly reducing symptoms for a number of conditions. The clinical research proving the effects is still in its early stages, but preliminary studies are promising, with some initial reports showing positive results using the substance for arthritic conditions in dogs.

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The compound boasts a safe, natural option either as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs or in working cohesively with prescription medications for conditions of a severe nature.

As compared to these, CBD produces minimal adverse reactions for the pup, keeps the pet relaxed and calm, and has the potential for relieving any type of discomfort the animal may suffer relating to any specific situation. Read this for ways the compound might benefit your pup. But how can you provide the substance to your dog in a safe, healthy manner?

CBD Dog Treats Safety Tips

CBD oil is steadily becoming a “go-to” wellness tool for pet parents, and holistic vets are recommending the compound as a potential aid in maintaining the overall health of their furry patients. 

The substance boasts helping dogs cope with symptoms from specific conditions by reducing these and bringing the dog to a state of relaxation so that he can rest comfortably. The concern for pet parents is providing the substance in the safest, most effective way for the pet.

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Invest In Only High Quality: Go here https://fortune.com/2020/01/08/cbd-oil-treats-pets-dogs-cats/ for guidelines on what to consider before buying products. Ideally, you want to research for the most trustworthy, reputable brand with a representative who will provide the utmost in transparency for your inquiries. In this way, you can find out where the products come from and the exact ingredients, including CBD and THC. 

You don’t want products with elevated levels of THC, as this is harmful to dogs. Subpar quality products often employ poor ingredients, which can include excessive amounts of this cannabinoid in addition to contaminants and additives that can be detrimental to your pup. 

The supplier should produce a Certificate of Analysis verifying the information and answer all questions without hesitation. If not, you should move to a different company.

Pay Attention For Choking Hazards: You can make homemade treats for the pup, hide CBD inside a chunk of meat, or buy the best CBD dog treats that are infused with the substance. 

But whichever you choose, it’s critical to ensure when you give the puppy a bite that the size is appropriate for him to chew up and swallow without choking. It’s especially essential to do so when hiding a capsule or sprinkling oil on a chunk of meat or cheese or even peanut butter.

Too often, pet parents get caught up in the pet getting the “treatment,” you forget to be mindful of how much they’re taking into their mouth. A dog is like a garbage disposal in that he’ll gobble without thought. You have to do that part for him, breaking up treats and other edibles into small, chewable bites until the puppy consumes the entire piece.

Have Water Ready: Your pup is going to need to wash the CBD treats down. If you’ve ever consumed CBD of any kind, you should recognize it’s not always a seamless substance to take down. Sometimes you need to employ water as a way to ensure that it is properly consumed. 

After each little bite, offer your dog water and give pup a fresh bowl of cold water after the whole treat is finished. In this way you can be sure the CBD has been consumed in the body, and, more than likely, the puppy is none the wiser.

While all pet parents want to give their furry friends the optimum care using products that are natural, non-toxic, and free from harmful effects, a critical component in the process is making sure that you do so in the safest way possible for the greater good of the dog and in order for there to be positive benefits from the substance.

The vital step is obtaining the best quality CBD treats from a brand that carries the highest standards for their pet products. That takes careful consideration and effort on your part, as does giving the edibles to the animal safely. A dog doesn’t know to chew slowly or bite small and to drink water. Pets look to us to protect and keep them. We need to do so responsibly.

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