Coca-Cola Releases A New Orange Vanilla Flavor!

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Coke meets citrus for a new flavor you’re going to love! New Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola is here, making it the first new flavor to join Coca-Cola in 12 years since the relaunch of Vanilla Coke. Coke is a drink that is loved all over the world for it’s satisfying flavor and energy boosting abilities.

Coca-Cola Releases A New Orange Vanilla Flavor! 1791252892

Image Source: Coca-Cola

Now there is a new flavor to fall in love with — and trust me, you will. The packaging looks like a classic red coke can but with an orange strip at the top that has Orange Vanilla written on it in white — and a orange slice under Coca-Cola.

The new flavor taste just like Vanilla Coke except with a satisfying light hint of orange. If you love Vanilla Coke, you should definitely give this new flavor a try. CheckĀ  HERE to find a store near you that sells this new limited-time coca-cola flavor.

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