Cool Facts About Abalone

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Protects themselves

If the abalone feels a sea star touch it, it will then twist it’s shell and forcefully push a impostor as it gets away.

Blood is not red

Abalone’s blood is the color of a blue-green. It blood doesn’t have sufficient blood-clotting abilities any injury is fatal.

Not ideal for poaching

This is considered a big risk if you’re wanting to eat this sea animal, in the state of California you’ll get fined and sometimes jail time for poaching abalone.

Likes the rocks and reefs

These animals like to hang out by the rocks or on reefs. They’ll often times stay close to the shore and love to stay put.

Tough Shells

These tiny shells have tiny calcium carbonate tiles, they stack together like small bricks.

If the shell is hit instead of shattering the protein of the shell stretches to absorb the hit.

Fans of the cold waters

You can find these water creates roaming the costs of South Africa, New Zealand, Austrlia, Western North America & Japan.

Abalone Eats Algae

The adults will feed on little pieces of algae floating in the ocean.

These include brown algae, giant kelp, bull kelp & many other forms of that kelp.

Limit On Catching

Many people will go scuba diving for abalone, this is not considered ideal.

The New South Wales of Australia has considered it illegal a free-diving limit has been set to “2”.

Declining Population

The population of the abalone are decreasing, many things have been put in place to protect the species.

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