Cool Facts About Blue Crab

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Blue Crab Only Mates Once

The blue crab will only mate once in their lives, the female will release over 2 million eggs per brood.


The blue crabs are distributed across the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. These water creatures can also be found on the gulf of Mexico.

Blue crabs live in the southern parts

You can find these creatures living near the the coastlines of the Atlantic and Caribbean.

They will eat another crab

The blue crab is considered a cannibal. These crabs will live off of smaller fishes, snails and mussels. They also will eat other blue crabs as well if they do not have anything else to eat.

Blue crab population declining

The blue crap population isn’t exactly peaking. This species population fluctuates. They’re constantly having issues with diseases, over harvesting and pollution.

Blue crab can get big

These crabs aren’t usually really huge but can be big biggest blue crab measured up 10.72 inches and weighed 1.1 pounds.


Blue crabs are commercially targeted from the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. This has lead to over fishing and the blue craps population has seen it decreased due to it.

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