Cool Facts About Dolphin

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Dolphins are fast

The most common dolphin is the short-beaked dolphin it can reach speeds up 37mph, however the bottlenose dolphin is considered a slow swimmer at about 2 mph.

The bottlenose dolphin can also reach a speed of 30 mph.

42 Species

The dolphin family has over 42 species of the dolphin.

The dolphins also have seven species of porpoises.

Social Animals

Dolphins are considered one of the most social animals. They’ll communicate with one another using squeaks and whistling clicks. The dolphins use a language that humans cannot understand.

Underwater Pollution

A popular topic surround the safety of dolphins. The pollution that fills the world with oils and gases are under scrutiny for making it difficult for the dolphins.

The pollution of some of these companies make it tough for the dolphins to communicate and reproduce.

Fishing nets

People are considered the biggest threat to dolphins are sometimes they use the meat.

The primary threat is fishing nets that are used on commercial fishing boats.

These nets can disrupt the dolphin not allowing them to get close to the surface.

The Waters

The Amazon River is most known for dolphins having four species of river dolphins.

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