Cool Facts About Emperor Shrimp

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You can find these little creatures in the Indo-Pacific, they can also be found in the north of Sulawesi area.

The way they look

The emperor shrimp is considered a commercial shrimp. You can easily spot a emperor shrimp it will have orange sides, white backs and tiny orange dots on it.

Other Name

The emperor shrimp can also be called “Periclimenes imperator”.

Emperor Shrimp as pets

Emperor shrimp can make for good pets, you can keep them in your aquarium they’ll need to have the company of an nudibrnach or sea cucumber.

The emperor shrimp will use these if they’re in the ocean to offer protection.

Emperor Shimp eating habits

The emperor shrimp is considered a carnivore and detritivore, they can survive on other animals as well as decaying organic materials.

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