David Stern Undergoes Surgery Due To Brain Hemorrhage

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David Stern Undergoes Surgery Due To Brain Hemorrhage

NBA Commissioner David Stern a “brain hemorrhage” according to ESPN the former commissioner suddenly had the hemorrhage & was forced to have surgery.

The New York Fire department had a 911 call around 1:59 pm E.T. time, they immediately moved 77-year-old to the Mount Sinai West medical center.

Stern is a long time NBA fan & previous NBA commissioner offering a unique perspective to the league compared to the way it’s being ran today, during his time with the position he increased the leagues income by 40x’s also saw superstars ranging from Ray Allen to LeBron James & Kevin Garnett be brought into the league underneath him.

“Join Cookie and I in praying for my good friend who helped save my life, former NBA Commissioner David Stern. He suffered a brain hemorrhage and had to have emergency surgery. ” said Magic Johnson.

They’re hoping he’ll make a full recovery this type of surgery is very serious and with a successful surgery his life will be saved.

Stern never considered stepping down as a retirement instead he intended to continue to focus on the NBA while as a fan and increased his focus on traveling most likely due to his age.

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