Donald Trump Slams Christian Magazine For Supporting His Impeachment

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Donald Trump recently published a tweet in which he slammed a Christian Magazine for supporting his impeachment by the House of Representatives. The magazine took part in an editorial that supported the president of the United States removal from the White House.

Donald Trump Slams Christian Magazine For Supporting His Impeachment 1291255788

The editor-in-chief of the outlet argued that Trump should be removed from office because of his “blackened moral record.” Trump tweeted his response, suggesting the magazine has been struggling and hasn’t been involved with Pastor Billy Graham for many years. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Graham’s son came to defend the president.

Franklin Graham, the head of the Evangelistic Association, took to Twitter and said that his father would be “disappointed” in what the publication had become in recent years. Graham also added that his father was among the ones who voted for Trump. Franklin told The Associated Press that the outlet doesn’t represent those who worship the Bible in the community. Previously reported, Congress voted on both articles of impeachment on Wednesday. It will go to the Senate where the president will stand trial.

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