Dwyane Wade Comes Up Second In All-Star Voting

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Dwyane Wade Comes Up Second In All-Star Voting

The Miami fan favorite Dwyane Wade appeared in the top ranks in voting for the upcoming NBA all star game.

The guard is starting to begin the finish of the final moments of his career.

Fans have a chance to vote on whom they believe are the best players in the league Wade came up short due to Kyrie Irving.

Wade is up 90,000 votes ahead of third place, Here is the list for guards:

1. Kyrie Irving (BOS), 910,329 votes

2. Dwyane Wade (MIA), 409,156 votes

3. Kemba Walker (CHA), 319,519 votes

4. Ben Simmons (PHI), 259,993 votes

5. Victor Oladipo (IND), 198,009 votes

6. Kyle Lowry (TOR), 180,571 votes

7. Zach LaVine (CHI), 128,605 votes

8. Jeremy Lin (ATL), 62,573 votes

9. Bradley Beal (WAS), 61,269 votes

10. John Wall (WAS), 54,366 votes

Fans get 50 percent of the vote for All-Star starters, but the other 50 percent is split up between the media and players.

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