Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

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Thumbprint Art For Kids Painted Flower Pots Craft

Easy DIY Mother#8217;s Day Gifts 2053589412

All you need for this adorable mothers day gift are flower pots, paint, and black marker. Use a black paint marker to draw the butterfly body on the outside of the pot. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of desired paint color out on a paper plate. Dip thumb in desired paint color. Press painted thumb onto pot four times to create butterfly wings. Easy and so cute! 

Love Canvas

Easy DIY Mother#8217;s Day Gifts 358309211

Canvas, tape and paint is all it takes to make this easy mothers day gift. Tape the word love or mom on the canvas then allow the kids to add their thumbprints. Let dry, remove tape and DONE! You can easily do this on paper and them frame it.

Homemade Card

Easy DIY Mother#8217;s Day Gifts 1966436276

Nothing says “I Love You” quite like a homemade card. These cards made with pompoms and pipe cleaners are adorable and easy to make. All you need is blank cards or paper, pompoms, pipe cleaners and glue. Use two pipe cleaners to create a heart shape and glue it to your card. Glue pompoms into the heart and add text with marker , crayons or paint and DONE!

Hand Print Card

Easy DIY Mother#8217;s Day Gifts 1932930807
Make this adorable hand print card with paint, markers and googly eyes. Take any color card, or paper. Paint hand with any color paint and place on paper to create the hand print add the two M’s on either side to spell MOM. Add tthe googly eyes with a little glue then finish off with your text. 

DIY Tray

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Hand Print Pot Holder

Easy DIY Mother#8217;s Day Gifts 1618682068

Pot holder, paint and puffy paint are all you will need to make this mothers day gift. Take your pot holder put paint all over hand and place on the pot holder to create your hand print. Add name and text with puffy paint. Let dry and DONE!

Mothers Day In A Jar

Easy DIY Mother#8217;s Day Gifts 640276628

Give a gift that keeps giving with this mothers day in a jar gift idea. Take a  jar or basket and add all mom’s favorite goodies. Decorate with ribbon and a chalkboard tag attached.

DIY Picture Frame

Easy DIY Mother#8217;s Day Gifts 202909585

Pictures are always a great gift to give. All you need are popsicle sticks, decorative washi tape, glue and decorative add on’s to make these DIY frames. Wrap your popsicle sticks in washi tape, glue the frames in any pattern or size you want, add your photos and decorative pieces. Attach a magnet to the back to turn it into a magnet.

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